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5 Star Reviews

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5 Star Reviews:

yelp_5stars-300x120 5-starsDave B. Beaverton, OR 5/14/16

If only I could update with a 6th Star.  This is the 3rd time I’ve called him up and had him remove the disappointments out of the side of a vehicle.  This time it was 5 glorious dents alongside my truck bed.  Everytime I looked in the driver’s side mirror I’d see those little bastards glaring at me.  I finally had enough and got a hold of Jeremy. And without a hitch he had them out in no time.  Again-flawless work!

Previous Review  3/4/15

Jeremy’s work is flawless.  I’ve used him on a couple occasions on multiple dents & dings and in every case I cannot see a trace of the original damage.  They guy is a magician, I highly recommend NW Elimi-Dent.

5-starsSteve A Portland, OR 6/13/16

Jeremy showed up on time, was a pleasure to talk to and did a fantastic job. I can’t even see where the bent was. I will suggest to all my friends and family to use n/w elimi-dent. I personal will never drive around in a car with door dings again.

5-starsAndrew H. Beaverton, OR 3/16/15

The service was awesome and the quality of work was great. I could not be happier with my service. Jeremy was great to work with and amazingly convenient. Kudos to you. 

I would recommend him to family, friends and anyone in need.

Thank you!

5-starsJason P. Tualatin, OR 10/2/15

I’m in the same business as Jeremy and I’ve referred him to several customers I wasn’t able to get to, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Very trustworthy straight up business owner.

5-starsVince C. Portland, OR 4/4/16

I would take my car to Jeremy again without hesitation and would recommend him to my friends and family. He was punctual, returned my calls in a reasonable amount of time, fair and trustworthy. And the quality of the work he does is magic. This is the kind of business/business person you want to see succeed. Check all the boxes.

5-starsInno S. Hillboro, OR 10/22/15

All I can do is reiterate the amazing things everyone else is saying, which is the reason I decided to give NW Elimi-Dent a call in the first place. Jeremy is super talented for sure and I made sure to send him my before after pics so he could post them to show. I had him do all three of my vehicles in one day, about 5hrs of focused intense work on his part and all three cars came out looking as if nothing ever happened. My lease was almost ending on one and I was stressing about a huge foot long dent caving in my back hatch on my Nissan Leaf, from wife backing up into garage door as it was coming down. Jeremy dissapeared it like a magician it in 3hrs . I honestly thought I needed body work for sure. I hope he posted pics so all can see. Thanks Jeremey!

5-starsKrystal L. Vancouver, WA 5/4/15

Jeremy did an amazing job on my husbands brand new WRX. All I can say is I’m blown away by his talent. What he does is an art form! Thank you Jeremy for making my husbands day get better! Your the best!

5-starsJim C. Portland, OR 6/26/15

Jeremy came today to fix a door dent.  He was on-time and very cautious about making sure he could fix it without causing added damage due to the possibility of non-factory paint. He explain well what he was going to do upfront. The end result was exceptional.  I would recommend him without hesitation.

5-starsClaudia R. Portland, OR 5/18/15

Jeremy was just at our house to repair a dent in my Rogue.  I am so happy about his work, I had to write the review now.  I can’t even tell where the dent was.  He did such a fantastic job and I will recommend him whenever I can.  He is such a professional, and you can tell he cares about doing a quality job; and in fact.. does a high quality job.  He explained everything up front, gave the price and did the job.  I highly recommend NW Elimi-Dent.

5-starsKitty B. Beaverton, OR 5/19/15

My car had a dent on the door from someone opening their door into mine. I wasn’t too happy about it so I called Jeremy at NW Elimi-dent and he came out the same day to remove the dent for me!! I can’t even tell where it used to be! I would highly recommend Jeremy’s services, he is friendly and professional and does great work. I hope I don’t get another dent but if I do, I will definitely be calling him again!

Previous Review: 5/15/15

Recently someone opened their car door into mine leaving a nice dent and a little white paint behind. I called NW Elimident this morning and Jeremy came out today to remove it! I can’t even tell where it was now, it is completely gone!

5-starsLy T. Portland, OR 7/2/14

Jeremy did an awesome job on our vehicles. He is professional, efficient and very good at his job. We highly recommend him and will definitely use him again if needed in the future. Thank you Jeremy!

5-starsSusan J. Portland, OR 4/25/14

Jeremy was amazing  He explained the different methods and why he chose the one he did.  He was friendly, professional and so knowledgeable.   He went above and beyond! I highly recommend him for your car.

5-starsJeffery S. Hillsboro, OR 12/4/13

Jeremy came over to my house and completely removed a dent on my passenger side door. It looks great now! I can’t thank him enough for his professionalism and great job! Thank you!

5-starsBruce B. Portland, OR  9/3/16

I just had the pleasure of Northwest elimi-dent come to my home to repair a dent in a car I want to sell. It was AMAZING how you couldn’t even tell that there used to be a dent. Jeremy Choi is so professional and gives you outstanding customer service. He even sent me a Thank You text. “Business goes where business is appreciated ” so I will certainly go back to him in the future. I recommend this company to anyone who needs dent repair.

5-starsChristopher S. Forest Grove, OR 3/16/16

Jeremy repaired a dent in my F-150.  The dent was on the pickup bed rail, on the upper corner, a hard to fix area.  It’s a tough dent to fix due to the thick metal in the rail and that my dent was right on the factory metal bend at the top corner of the rail.  He did a good job taking out most of the dent and it looks a LOT BETTER.  There were some smaller dents that he also took out.  Thanks for making my truck look a whole lot better, Jeremy!

5-starsAndrew L. Portland, OR 2/26/16

Jeremy did a great job. He got it done quickly for the price he quoted me on the phone. I would not hesitate to call him again.

5-starsBill C. Portland, OR 5/8/15

Fabulous work Jeremy was a real professional and really knew what he was doing I will keep his card handy and gladly recommend him.

5-starsTyler H. Lake Oswego, OR 7/18/14

Jeremy was friendly and did a great job fixing the dent on my Civic.  The job was perfect, it doesn’t look like the dent was ever there and it was a pretty big one, about 4″ across.
Thank you very much.

5-starsPenny H. Beaverton, OR 3/4/13

Jeremy Choi at NW Elimident is my hero! On my dad’s 94th birthday, I wanted to surprise him by having a fairly large dent removed from his car’s rear fender. I made an appointment the day before, and Jeremy showed up exactly on time. I watched as Jeremy methodically — and with great care — did what was needed to remove the dent so there was no trace whatsoever of a dent. As he worked, Jeremy explained what he was doing and why, so that I had complete faith in his ability to fix it without making things worse (in which case my dad’s birthday would have been ruined…). When I showed my dad that the dent was gone, he teared up because he was so happy. I am so grateful to Jeremy and his friendly, competent service that day. I can’t wait to surprise my husband with dent removal on HIS birthday (Ralph, I hope you’re not reading this!).